The Takeaways on Crazy Tech Rate; About Facebook Platform Fee-Face?

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Take Rate Takeaways

Fees collected by intermediaries in the advertising supply chain vary widely, according to new research from consulting firm Athletics. One extreme, they can leave publishers to collect as much as 2% of buyer’s bid value, Morning Brew Report

But how instructive is the information?

According to analytics, SSPs and DSPs collect, on average, 35% of programmatic costs. Of the four ad impressions, 46% spent on ads for a DSP, SSP or both.

Research has also shown that SSPs charge lower fees for advertising on Clickbet sites than on publishers’ advertising lists, including “night but high-quality visitors” (aka real news sites). This is of concern to brands that optimize for low-fee delivery, as this search means they will end up advertising on inferior sites.

Although the study provides some food for thought, it is doubtful how much insight can be gleaned from blindly assessing the average acceptance rate across different campaigns and formats. CTV and video capture rates are lower, for example, where CPM is higher. Expensive data can be applied to cheap media – creating dramatic acceptance rate disparities for low-quality inventory that would not happen in the case of a big-name news publisher who earns his savings.

A fee for you, not for me

Companies like Microsoft and Meta are the most likely to deny high-end app stores and mobile operating systems.

But will they be less usurious?

No indication of early return. Just look at the metavers and gaming platforms they support, Casey Newton wrote in his newsletter, Platform.

A year ago, Facebook told Newton that it would not initially take a commission on the manufacturer’s revenue by underscoring Apple’s 30% burden. Zuckerberg himself promised that when Facebook pays the institute fees, they will be less.

But on the Meta Oculus platform the developer is taking a commission on the income – and that’s 25%.

Facebook insists that journalists refer to it as “meta,” but that the old promises only apply to Facebook, shattering their own promises, not the rest of the business. Facebook’s 25% cut is hardly a power differentiator from Apple.

Tim Cook Screaming and crying Against “surveillance ads” during his IAPP keynote in Washington, DC this week. But Apple is arguably one of the most aggressive surveillance advertisers in the world – the only cross-app tracker for iPhone owners worldwide – Apple itself did not request consent for tracking until months after ATT’s release, when hypocrisy did not last.

Similarly, Apple’s vocal opponents don’t really hate heavy fees – they just don’t collect.

Can I talk to the owner? Manager?

To make it easier for buyers to understand a site’s parent company or ad management firm, IAB Tech Lab has released an update to the ads.txt specification, including two new publisher classification values: “onerdomain” and “managerdomain.”

The “owner domain” tag will make it easier for publishers to signal to buyers if they own multiple publishers or sites. Sometimes a publisher may lose demand because the buyer relies on ads.txt and cannot recognize multiple sites under one company. Neil Richter, chairman of the IAB Tech Lab Board, said “publicly connecting these points closes a potential gap that allows for misrepresentation.” Statement.

“ManagerDomain” can be used to designate a supply-side vendor as the exclusive or preferred vendor on that list.

“This new addition to ads.txt will help level the supply path optimization (SPO) playing field for small to medium publishers,” according to Tech Lab. Advertisers are looking for the simplest supply-chain route to inventory sources Publishers who work with many SSP and ads.txt authorized vendors want to point out their initial monetization engine to advertisers and help them understand a complex ads.txt file.

But wait, there’s more!

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You’re hired!

Publica has hired Twitter sales vet Shawn Galigan as CRO. [release]

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