Quick channels speed up the main content; Removes Google Play Store

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Not so fast

FAST channels have been slow to develop core content

Most free ad-supported TV (Fast) channels are feeding on scraps of linear TVs. It works because the old shows are still new to millions of viewers who can’t catch them in the set-top box. This is why fast channels can make “big money” by serving out old content, says an anonymous source. Digid.

But the rest do not stay hungry for long. That increase will turn into a plateau when the re-run hits a saturation point, and the logical next step is the main content.

The challenge is to offset the high production costs against the audience and this will create revenue growth. There is also marketing value to the original content, as channels can promote the original content to attract new viewers.

The strategy is working for the fuse. It has quadrupled the number of visitors and revenue in the last year. Part of that growth comes from the recent journey of original programming, Patrick Courtney, digital head of Fuse, told DGD. Polaris, a fast channel featuring stories from BIPOC creators, another example – it’s planning Increase the ratio of its main content Now 40% to 70% by the end of Q3, COO Nathaniel Clark told AdExchanger.

Defense is a powerful crime

Dozens of apps carrying an SDK have been removed by Google Measurement Systems, a Panamanian technology company linked to a U.S. defense contractor through corporate records that works with national-security agencies, The Wall Street Journal Report

SDK has been featured in several Muslim prayer apps and a popular weather app in Iran, as well as highway speed-trap detection apps and general consumer apps.

A Pentagon spokesman said American security and intelligence agencies were “purchasing publicly and commercially available data.”

The measurement system SDK stands for Aggressive Practice and can “be described as malware without a doubt,” said Serge Egelman, one of two researchers documenting data collection.

For small and medium sized developers, it is difficult to refuse an SDK that is willing to pay a higher price in the market. The developer of one of the Prayer apps says it has reportedly collected location data on the SDK on behalf of Internet service providers, energy and financial services companies.

“This story underscores the importance of not taking candy from strangers,” Egelman said.

The apps were removed a month ago, and some are back – they’re free to do so until they leave the SDK.

What is Pharma in Harma?

Doceree, a programmatic startup targeting doctors’ pharma and life sciences messages, Has raised 11 million.

Doceree says its identity solution service can categorize physicians based on the diagnosis they make, the prescriptions they write, or the procedures they perform. The startup says it targets those profiles on “healthcare-only channels” such as professional medical resources or networking services, as well as online healthcare portals.

The point of programmatic pharma marketing is that patients don’t realize it’s happening – the campaign is between pharma advertisers and therapists, not ordinary web users. If Google targets search users with pharma ads based on inappropriately known profile data, it will be clear that Google is targeting them. Only in the background of physician-online media channels can a pharma winning campaign spread. Patients have no idea; They only get prescriptions that are on top of the doctor’s mind.

The doctors Connected to many determinant identifiers. There are addressable IDs associated with medical school graduation, doctor’s certificate, state practice license and DEA determination rights, all associated with an individual, including known medical specialties, prescription history, schooling and hospital accommodation.

Physician-only media supplies are hard to find. But doctors target very easily.

But wait, there’s more!

AMC Networks will launch ad purchases earlier this year. [Ad Age]

Ecommerce and payment services company ProductsUp has raised $ 70 million. [release]

You are still being tracked on the Internet, otherwise. [NYT]

L’Oreal persuaded sales on TickTock. [Digiday]

You got hired!

Sharethrough Richard Otay has been made GM of EMEA and has opened an office in London. [release]

Publishers Clearing House has appointed Google veterinarian Bill Masterson as president of PCH Media. [release]

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