Podcast: Retail Media Rundown and Nielsen Buyers

Big story podcast

The issues that data-driven advertisers value have reached the C-suite in the retail revenue report.

From retail media revenue to first-party data projects, retailers are going through a transformation for a more digital future. And when you compare Messi to Best Buy to Albird to Target to Express, there are many similarities between retailers.

This week on The Big Story, we talk about senior editor James Harther’s retail rundown and how it relates to two more big trade stories this week: Google’s latest shopping product release and InstaChart’s announcement that, for the first time, it has started serving other retailers. Sites and apps.

Advertising from many retailers’ POVs is “margin management” or a way to keep the price of your Walmart (and Amazon) products low. How to value ad messages for driving home?

Then, we talk about Elliott Management’s deal to buy Nielsen for 16 billion. Just before coming to the fore, the deal will probably become a question mark in the minds of many TV ad buyers. And what does this mean for the future of TV currency and alternative measurements? Although the deal will take some time to close, Nielsen still doesn’t count.

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