Platforms created for politics will strengthen 2022 political campaigns: here’s why

Eric Brides, Xandr’s political chief

Imagine: You are a political businessman, and Friday, October 2022 at 7 p.m. A subscriber needs to launch 13 CTV-centric campaigns targeting districts in four states – immediately. Do you have the tools to make it happen?

Such quick turn requests are common in political advertising. Media planning is already in full swing, a powerful reminder of the importance of having access to a reliable advertising platform in today’s political climate. Even without a presidential election, the cost of political advertising in 2022 is projected to be about the same as in 2020, providing a huge opportunity to adequately support CTV and down-ballot spending.

Buyers will be able to access the most voter-targeted CTV and premium video inventory available in all 50 states on a single platform with efficient built-in political tools for political instruments designed for the trading team.

Skills are key for political buyers

Political clients need a platform that can do it all and they don’t have much time to do it. They will have to launch campaigns of all sizes at once across all 50 states, not just a few of them. As voters’ eyes increasingly shift to CTV, buyers need access to maximum CTV and premium video inventory – and need to target their voters in order to optimize campaign dollar efficiency.

To keep pace, political businessmen need to unlock quick skill wins to create quick campaigns. To be targeted, they must provide access to all 7,000+ U.S. political districts – and provide the necessary feature sets, such as bulk creative uploads and bulk campaign management levers, so that they can run ads instantly. Platforms built for political purposes cannot guarantee this integral power for traders.

Due to the unique nature of the political timeline and news cycle, most of this work has to take place after hours and on weekends. In this ever-moving landscape, continuity and reliability are part of the table for traders. They need a platform that has a long way to go, not one that is seen before election day. Clear and easily accessible support structures that are politically savvy are a power factor for those businesses and their organizations.

Publishers want to sideline – and political buyers want them

Political buyers will bring a tide of demand this election season, and publishers want to be ready to seize that opportunity. This makes it important for climate sellers to work with a monetization platform with a strong set of political credentials that can meet demand in a changing landscape of state-by-state regulation in 50 states.

Risk-averse publishers who are not already accepting political dollars need the ability to easily preview and approve their political creators. To unlock high-value political budgets, they need a platform that offers increased control and ease of use on the scale.

This is better for both the buyer and the seller when the creative approval process is frictionless for the political buyer. Politically savvy platforms provide inventory-monetization strategies, such as creating powerful catalogs of deals for their demand-matching partners to help those publishers expand their sales teams this political season.

The subtlety in all of the political verticals এবং and similarly, a subtle, purpose-built solution to unlock opportunities for buyers and sellers this election season is the best. Xandr has acquired some of the best and most comprehensive political knowledge and is making the right investment to support the best of both advertisers and publishers throughout the 2022 election cycle and beyond.

So, on which platform do you want to log in at 7pm on Friday?

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