LG says it’s not sweating OEM Wannabes; If all else fails, get along

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LG, Samsung and Vizio all like to brag about their reach.

But the trio agreed that smart TVs could unlock the scale and address marketers need to reach consumers through television advertising.

More than half of households in the United States have a smart TV. Raghu Kodige, CEO of LG Ads Solutions, said, “From the audience to the viewership data, everything in the CTV space is solvable.” Forbes.

How? Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) data is tracked on any app or show screen and can be used for media purchase instructions or features. Manufacturers can also install a proprietary operating system. Henceforth Rumors That Roku is thinking of making his own TV set.

LG Ads Solutions is “accustomed to competing in the smart TV space,” Codiz said, calling on Samsung, VGIO, Sony, the long-tail of small OMs, newcomers trying to enter the market and their mothers.

“It’s nothing scary or new,” he said. “Actually, it only validates our view that this space is getting bigger and more valuable.”

Advertisement Hell Mary

Unibel-Rodamco-Westfield (URW), Europe’s largest mall operator, unveiled its turnaround plan this week to boost pre-epidemic growth and return to foot traffic levels. And at the heart of the strategy is a first-party data and advertising service.

“Until recently, we could only see how many people were entering and leaving our mall,” said Jean-Marie Tritant, CEO of URW. Bloomberg. “Now we have different sensors and we can use WiFi in a completely GDPR-compliant way to understand who is using our resources.”

The company has a media business that made 30 million euros (about $ 33 million) in 2021, and it forecasts about 75 million euros by 2024 and 200 million euros by 2030.

These aren’t big numbers, but the advertising platform is part of helping URW understand the value of renting a store space. The mall has about 550 million visitors. While the mall operator won’t run ads for brands and agencies (at least not yet), it will serve targeted ads to drive traffic to its retail stores.

All fun and games

In-game ad tech company Anzu.io has raised 20 million, bringing together investors including NBCUniversal, Sony and WPP, Venturebeat Report

In February, the startup announced a partnership with NBCU to allow broadcaster clients to run in-game advertising throughout Anju’s inventory.

“Our advantage is technology and supply, and their advantage is demand,” said Anju co-founder and CEO Itamar Benedi. AdExchanger In time

Adding investment stakeholders is a powerful, respectable role and a way to ensure access to the needs of a segment that is primarily limited to in-game advertisers like other mobile games or apps rather than major brands. Gaming has innovative technologies, including dynamic in-game product placement, but mainstream advertisers are not very aware.

But joining NBCU is an opportunity that comes with risks. This means maintaining a fine balance as Anzu creates a course that will undoubtedly involve partnerships with non-Sony game studios, NBCU’s direct competitors and other holding companies.

But wait, there’s more!

Meta paid a GOP firm to destroy TikTok. [WaPo]

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Pop-up digital ads are occupying the freezer isle. [Axios]

Marketers continue to transfer advertising dollars to CTV and OTT. [Digiday]

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You got hired!

Comcast vet Frank Deo joins 605 as EVP of Engineering. [release]

Google taps veterinarian Jeremy Doug as CTO of Disney streaming service [Deadline]

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