Levi’s Integrated Advertise by Stink Rising: Fresh Products

Levi’s® Fresh Inspired by Fresh Produce (The Fashion Version) for Spring / Summer 2022

In the 1970s, Levi’s published a collection called Fresh Produce, which inspired, well, production. And since we all love fresh fruits and vegetables, Levi’s® thought, why not bring it back, with just a fresh (for irony) 21st century spin. Introducing Levi’s® Fresh for Spring / Summer 2022, a beautiful range of colorful choices featuring dyes derived from natural sources, including plants and botanicals.

Traditionally, natural-based dyes have created more earthy-tone colors, but with Levi’s® Fresh, we’ve applied new dyeing methods that have been able to create vibrant, ice shades of peach, lavender, pink and yellow. And all in a mixture of both yarn and colored pieces of clothing.

Fresh collection dyes come from one of three natural sources, including non-endangered or non-endangered plants যেমন such as extracts of madder roots and natural indigo-agricultural by-products যেমন such as food waste এবং and minerals such as clay, carbonate, and natural oxides. These dyes were specially formatted so that less auxiliaries were needed, without compromising on color fastness or aesthetics, resulting in an innovative, durable pigment process. All pigments in the collection contain at least 50 percent plant or mineral ingredients.

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