Interfel Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Film Advertisement By LGM & co: Jamais Troop

“Never too much … fresh fruits and vegetables”.

Interfel, an inter-professional organization for fresh fruits and vegetables, is launching a communication campaign today to unveil its new slogan: “Never too much … fresh fruits and vegetables”. It will be used in all group media, and will be brought to life by promoting a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables through a film and a major media promotion, which also reflects our society.

Interfel’s new campaign, inspired by the LGM & co agency, has a relaxed tone, with a generous signature “never too much”, representing fruits and vegetables as a symbol of diversity and boundless joy. With their unique variety, fresh fruits and vegetables are the natural star products of our time, and they can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of taste, preference or diet. There is no need to worry about eating too many fresh fruits and vegetables and there is no limit to their deliciousness. Never too much.

Directed by Charlotte Abramo, the 30-second clip is a journey into a colorful world of diversity and change, with ‘Never Too Much’, and is set in the 1981 hit ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ in Depeche Mode. He plays with the similarities between the taste and appearance of colorful characters: fruits and vegetables are never too hairy, never too round, never too ripe, etc., with a feeling of insignificance and enjoyment that contrasts with the tone of most dietary recommendations.

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