Hilliers Road film Advertise by Daughter: Into the Unknown

Hilliers Road was founded in 1999 by a group of dairy farming families in Bernie, Tasmania, who boldly believe that the wild and remote northwestern Tasmania is the perfect environment for making world-class award-winning whiskey. Hilliers Road began uncommonly – and this restless spirit lives on today.

The whiskey distillery takes its name from its location and source spirit. A physical ‘Helier’s Road’ used to pass right in the middle where the distillery now sits. A road surveyed in 1820 by one of the first Europeans to boldly explore and survey rough, inaccessible northwestern Tasmania – surveyor, cartographer and explorer, Henry Helier.

As part of his most recent investment in the brand, Hilliers Road has hired international film director, Michael Doll from Daughter, to create his new brand of film and content, Into the Unknown.

Heather’s Road Journey ‘Into the Unknown’ via the newly launched brand film Daughter
The film brings to life the story of the pioneer founders of Hilliers Road through a parallel journey of a man inspired by modern ‘Henry Hillier’. The film follows the journey of its internal and external instability and discovery in the fascinating raw and remote environment of northwestern Tasmania. It captures the brand’s fickle consciousness, fearless pursuit, resilience and the burning drive of discovery, forever curious. Its relentless drive travels less on the road – take in the unknown.

Hilliers Road is a unique story about the unknown and the courage to travel beyond the independent Northwest Tasmanian success story.

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