Hillel Ontario Design Advertisement By Hillel Ontario: Holocaust Education Week

Hillel Ontario is a provincial movement that works to support the lives of Jews across nine university campuses. As an affiliate of the world’s largest Jewish student organization and now the largest regional Hillel system, Hillel Ontario works to expand Jewish campus life across the province with a combined Jewish student population of over 13,000.

Highlighter pens are usually used to mark the text by drawing bright, clear colors. Highlighters can be used to convey attitude, importance and purpose. Throughout our 2021 Holocaust Education Week, marketing materials, highlighter strokes and components will be used to emphasize the value of personal, interpersonal and national importance to the tragedies endured during the Holocaust. Using a unique approach and aesthetics to this content, we explored a variety of textures and layouts to add depth and help highlight our core creative elements, including powerful images, still vivid
Classic colors, and language that teaches and inspires.

This new visual identity is underpinned by a system of easy-to-use guidelines created for Hillel Ontario’s marketing team, which enables them to use the brand confidentially in their communications to promote their events and activism on campus. Educational / Resource Materials.

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