Google tests a price indicator that can push retailers; Comes for CNIL

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Can you pay the price … the price?

Google is testing the “high price” and “low price” indicators for shopping searches.

Brian Frizzelben, an SEO industry observer and practitioner, Stains Wild badge at the 60 760 fireplace from Home Depot. It was labeled a “high price” and was told that the fireplace usually costs $ 290. In other cases, the “low price” badge was $ 65 on the Ikea coffee table (Coffee tables are usually 250, apparently.)

Google is in a shopping ad overhaul.

For one, the Google Smart Shopping Campaign, a retail media ad that links product inventory feeds to search results, Disappeared this year. They’re being folded into the Performance Max campaign – which integrates with product inventory feeds, but Google bakes its own first-party data in Performance Max optimization and channel promotions in proprietary and managed media: Search, YouTube, Maps and Gmail.

Google can expect pushback on price badges. After all, Google doesn’t have a badge that says, “Fireplaces are usually of a higher standard.”

However, power users who are only part of the beta program are still seeing badges.

“I was personally unable to copy it and so I hope to see lots of fireplace and fire pit ads around me for a while,” wrote Barry Schwartz. Search engine roundtable.

When “none of your business” is your business

Data regulators in France have instructed publishers to stop using Google Analytics and Facebook Connect, a server-side product that syncs company data directly to meta-identity data. There are 30 days to stop using them or risk a potential fine, Adweek Report

Google has tried to protect itself from this attack. Google Analytics Will stop logging IP addresses from July 2023 and launched a country-based data server network last monthSo the data can be collected in France and cannot be sent to US servers.

But the issue is out of Google’s hands. Unlike GDPR lawsuits based on consent requests or ad targeting, the problem here is the US government’s (illegal in Europe) practice of surveying all web data and tracking individuals without a warrant or the right to sue a citizen.

“In the long run, we either need proper protection in the United States, or we will end up with separate products for the United States and the EU,” according to a statement from Max Schreims, who launched the privacy shield case last year. And new lawsuits against Google Analytics. “I personally would like better protection in the United States, but it’s up to the US legislators, not anyone in Europe.”

CNN minus

CNN and McKinsey, its consultants, are expected to receive two million CNN + subscribers a year. In four years, it will surpass 15 million subscribers.

Fast-forward to three weeks, the number of CNN + is painfully low. Sources who did not want to be named said this CNBC That CNN + had a daily audience of less than 10,000.

CNN + is already pulling every lever to increase sign up. For those who sign up by April 26, it is offering a half-life closure.

And now CNN + is expecting heavy cuts as the parent company reorganizes, Axios The report aims to make a profit alone in four years out of the window.

CNN’s pre-launch goals, however, are incomplete. At $ 6, CNN + is relatively inexpensive, but not so compelling. Launched at Disney + $ 7, but brought the whole magic realm. Closer to Salesforce + than CNN + Disney + in terms of library. And Salesforce + can absorb unacceptability because it’s a marketing strategy.

The acquisition cost was no joke either. CNN + spent $ 300 million on the service, including about $ 100 million in pre-launch marketing (story). It had a 1 billion budget for CNN + over the next four years – but its pre-launch marketing looks like a sinking cost.

It’s hard to compare CNN + with Salesforce +, but it could be another Quibi.

But wait, there’s more!

TikTok will earn 2.4% of US digital advertising revenue, more than Snapchat and Twitter combined, and the gap is widening. [Ad Age]

OpenWeb, publisher Comments Moderation seller, acquires French ad network Adyoulike for 100 million. [WSJ]

The Adobe Digital Price Index shows continued inflation online. [release]

According to the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, digital advertising grew 35% in 2021 to $ 189 billion. [release]

FTC Chair Lina Khan calls for an exemplary change in data privacy. [WaPo]

EX.CO acquires AI-based consulting company Bibblio. [release]

You got hired!

Dianomi, Advertising for Financial Services Advertising Technology, hires Vet Martin Hill as its first programmatic head. [release]

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