AdExchanger Discussion: Retail Media Returns and Ready for Business, with Kroger SVP

Retail media, which is more immersed in data-driven advertising than other old-school channels such as radio or outdoors, is entering the world of programmatic and online advertising.

Key points: IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting, an annual benchmark for the growth trajectory of data-driven advertising. With the rise of social media marketing, direct-to-consumer brands have become a spotlight addition. In recent years, broadcasters and major CTV players such as Amazon and YouTube have been keynote speakers.

The keynote speaker at IAB ALM in February of this year was Cara Pratt, SVP of Kroger Precision Marketing, a data-driven media business for grocery chain operators.

“We are attending the IAB Leadership Conference specifically to discuss the need for increased accountability in the media ecosystem and the role of retail media in transforming into a more performance-oriented system,” Pratt said in this week’s episode. “Gone are the days when speculation about the value of efficiency or visibility set the standard for a good media dollar investment.”

For grocers and other retailers, the advertising business is closely linked to the core buyer experience. Unlike website pop-up advertising, retail media is an opportunity to exploit the preferences of real consumers, not hinder or hinder their path.

“Gone are the days when the experience was a pure transaction between retailer, customer and brand,” he says. With a mix of first-party data and familiar customer preferences, the future of grocery shopping can feel “like choosing your own adventure.”

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